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内容摘要:Master Boot RecordThe Master Boot Record is located at the physical beginning of a hard disk,editable using the Disk Editor。It consists of a master bootstrap lo...

Master Boot Record

The Master Boot Record is located at the physical beginning of a hard diskeditable using the Disk EditorIt consists of a master bootstrap loader code (446 bytes) and four subsequent identically structured partition recordsFinallythe hexadecimal signature 55AA completes a valid Master Boot Record



(1)   主引导程序;

(2)   四个分区表;

(3)   主引导记录有效标志字。

The format of a partition record is as follows

Offset Size Description

0 8 bit A value of 80 designates an active partition

1 8 bit Partition start head

2 8 bit Partition start sector (bits 0-5)

3 8 bit Partition start track (bits 8,9 in bits 6,7 of sector)

4 8 bit Operating system indicator

5 8 bit Partition end head

6 8 bit Partition end sector

7 8 bit Partition end track (bits 8,9 in bits 6,7 of sector)

8 32 bit Sectors preceding partition

C 32 bit Length of partition in sectors


Operating system indicators(hexadecimalincomplete list)

00 Empty partition-table entry

01 DOS FAT12

04 DOS FAT16 (up to 32 MB)

05 DOS 3.3+ extended partition

06 DOS 3.31+ FAT16 (over 32 MB)

07 OS/2 HPFSWindows NT NTFSAdvanced Unix

08 OS/2 v1.0-1.3AIX bootable partitionSplitDrive

09 AIX data partition

0A OS/2 Boot Manager

0B Windows 95+ FAT32

0C Windows 95+ FAT32 (using LBA-mode INT 13 extensions)

0E DOS FAT16 (over 32 MBusing INT 13 extensions)

0F Extended partition (using INT 13 extensions)

17 Hidden NTFS partition

1B Hidden Windows 95 FAT32 partition

1C Hidden Windows 95 FAT32 partition (using LBA-mode INT 13 extensions)

1E Hidden LBA VFAT partition

42 Dynamic disk volume

50 OnTrack Disk Managerread-only partition

51 OnTrack Disk Manager read/write partition

81 Linux

82 Linux Swap partitionSolaris (Unix)

83 Linux native file system (ext2fs/xiafs)

85 Linux EXT

86 FAT16 volume/stripe set (Windows NT)

87 HPFS fault-tolerant mirrored partitionNTFS volume/stripe set

BE Solaris boot partition

C0 DR-DOS/Novell DOS secured partition

C6 Corrupted FAT16 volume/stripe set (Windows NT)

C7 Corrupted NTFS volume/stripe set

F2 DOS 3.3+ secondary partition


其中主分区表中Master bootstrap loader code 33 C0 8E D0 BC 00 7C FB 50……主引导记录代码,表示主分区表。感兴趣的读者可以自行研究。


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